Finger Food

For small Appetite

Chicken Wings (A,C,G,M)
Medium Hot with BBQ-dip €5.60

Chicken Pakoras(A,G,M,O)
Chicken Meatstrips with Oriental breadcrump coating and Mango dip €5.40

Veggi Pakoras (A,G,M,O)
Breaded Vegetables with Oriental breadcrump coating and Mango dip
*also vegan available €4.90

Mini Meat Tortilla (A,C,G,M,O)
Filled with Beef strips, Vegetables and Dip €5.20

Mini Veggi Tortilla (A,C,G,M,O)
Filled with grilled Vegetables and Dip
*also vegan available €5.20

Garlic Bread (A,C,G)



Vaca Loca Toast (A,C,G,M,O)
Ham, Cheese, Onion, Paprika €4.90

Ham-Cheese Toast (A,C,G,M,O)

Steak Toast (A,C,G,M,O)
Grilled Pork and Chicken, Cocktail dip and Mushroom sauce with Fresh Salad €10.90

Veggi Toast* (A,C,G,M,O)
Grilled Vegetables gratinated with Feta-Cheese and Fresh Salad
*also vegan available €10.20

Mozzarella Toast (A,C,G,M,O)
Tomato, Mozzarella with fresh Salad €9.90

Toast HOTT(A,C,G,M,O)
Ham, homemade Hot Speck Jalapenos, Chili Sauce, Cheese and roasted Onions with Cocktail Seauce €6.90



Chocolate Souffle (G)
with Vanilla Ice-cream €6.90

Mixed Ice-cream (G)
with Whipped Cream €5.90



Grande Vaca Loca Burger (A,C,G,M)
360gr Beef, Tomato, Pickles, caramelised Onions, Cheese, grilled Bacon, Iceberg Salad, Special Dip with Country Fries €20.90

Vaca Loca Home Burger (A,C,G,M)
200gr Beef, Tomato, Pickles, caramelised Onions, Cheese, grilled Bacon, Iceberg Salad, Special Dip €13.90

Pulled Pork Burger (A,C,G,M)
160gr Pork, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Cheese and BBQ Dip €10.60

Super Burger (A,C,G,M)
180gr Beef, Tomato, Onion, Pickle, Cheese, grilled Paprika, Iceberg Salad, Special Dip €11.20

Loca Burger (A,C,G,M)
180gr Beef, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Cheese, Eggs, Bacon, Iceberg Salad, Special Dip €12.50

Hit Burger (A,C,G,M)
160gr Beef, Tomato, Onion, Cheese, green Salad, Special Dip €9.90

Mini Burger (A,C,G,M)
100gr Beef, Tomato, Onion, Pickles, Cheese, Salad, Special Dip €6.40

Schnitzel Burger (A,C,G,M)
Pork Schnitzel, Onion, Cheese, Salad, Ketchup, Mayo €10.20

Veggi Burger* (A,C,G,M)
Grilled Vegetables, Pickles, Tomato, Cheese, Onion, Salad, Dip
*also vegan available €10.80

Chicken Burger (A,C,G,M)
Chicken, Tomato, Pickles, Onion, Cheese, Salad, Cocktail Dip €10.80

Cabron Burger (A,C,G,M)
180gr Beef, Cucumber, Tomato, caramelized Onion, homemade Hot Speck Jalapenos Chili Sauce, Cheddar, roasted Onion, Salad, Special Dip €13.90

Cheese Burger (A,C,G,M)
160gr Beef, double Cheese (Cheaddar & Gooda), Special Dip €9.80


Finger Food with Friends

Chicken Platter(A,G,M,O)
Chicken Wings and Chicken Pakoras with Mango dip €10.80

Veggi Platter* (A,G,M,O)
Veg Pakoras and mini veg Tortilla with Mango
*also vegan available €9.90



French Fries €3.80

Sweet Fries €5.10

Country Fries €4.50

Mixed Fries €6.10

Rommes De Lux
Pommes with pulled Pork or vegetables letcho, Cheddar and roasted Onions, Cocktail Sauce €6.60

Country De Lux
Country Pommes with roasted Bacon, Cheddar and roasted Onions, Cocktail Sauce €6.90

Small Salad €3.90

Extras €1.50



Fitness Salad(A,C,G,M,O)
Fresh Season Salad with Chickenstrips €10.60

Greek Salad (G,M,O)
Tomatos, Cucumber, Paprika, Onion, Oregano and original Feta €10.90

Chef Salad (C,G,M,O)
Seasonsalad with Ham, Cheese Cubes, Eggs and Cocktail Dip €10.90

Grill Salad* (G,M,O)
Grilled Vegetables with Balsamico and Olive Oil
*also vegan available €11.90

Loca Salad* (C,G,M,O)
Seasonsalad with Chicken Meatstrips, Feta and Tomatoes

Pastry (A)
Fresh Pastry for your Salad €1.90



Club Sandwich (A,C,G)
Ham, Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Tomato, Salad, Mayo and French Fries €9.90

Chicken Sandwich (A,C,G)
Chicken, Cheese, Mustard €5.10

Grill Veggi* Sandwich (A,C,G)
Grilled Vegetables, Cheese, Cocktail Dip
*also vegan available €4.90



Beef Tortilla (A,C,G)
with Beefstrips, Vegetables and green Salad €10.80

Veggi Tortilla* (A,C,G)
with Vegetables and green Salad
*also vegan available €10.20

Greek Tortilla* (A,C,G,M,O)
with Feta Cheese, Olives, Tomatos, Onion with Tomato-Cucumber Salad
*also vegan available €11.40

Tuna Tortilla (A,C,D,G,M,O)
with Tuna, Vegetables, Mayo and green Salad€10.90

Schnitzel (A,C,D,G,M,O)

Allergy Information

  • A – Cereals containing gluten
  • B –  Crustaceans
  • C – Egg
  • D – Fish
  • E – Peanut
  • G – Milk or Lactose
  • H – Nuts
  • M – Mustard
  • O –  Sulphites
  • R – Molluscs